SKO2021 Event Assets


Use the links below to download the SKO2021 Presenter Powerpoint Template, Virtual Presentation Best Practices PDF, and Agenda.

 Download Powerpoint Template       Download Best Practices PDF      Download SKO Agenda (Excel)


Logo Usage


Nvoicepay Logo

 Download Nvoicepay Logos

To promote legibility, leave appropriate room around the logo and avoid placing over busy backgrounds.


Logo Variations

The full color version is used most often, in order to promote brand recognition. When placed on colored backgrounds, a white version is used. On occasion, a single color version of the logo may be used and is limited to either NVP Blue or Black.


The NVP logomark is used for profile images on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Partner Logo: Our Powered By Logo appears on partner collateral.


Improper logo usage

Our logo is meant to stay intact and should not be manipulated in any way. This includes but is not limited to: altering colors, stretching, distorting, rearranging elements, or cropping.

Color Palette


Web Palette

 Color Dark Blue Blue Green Dark Gray Mid Gray Light Gray Charcol Gray
 RGB 0 63 109 0 105 152 126 191 66 100 100 100 236 236 236 241 241 241 40 40 40
 HEX 003f6d 006998 7EBF42 646464 ececec f1f1f1 282828


Print Palette


 Color Pantone 541 Pantone 376
 CMYK 100 45 0 55 54 0 100 0
 RGB 0 63 109 132 189 0
 HEX 003f6d 84bd00



Color Pantone 641 Pantone 367
CMYK 100 53 21 4 41 0 68 0
RGB 0 101 161 164 214 94
HEX 0065A1 A4D65E



 Color Pantone 3272 Pantone 144 Pantone 311 Pantone 7490 Pantone 7696
 CMYK 100 4 50 0 5 53 100 0 68  0 13 0 61 23 91 5 100 4 50 0
 RGB 0 164 153 237 139 0 5 195 222 113 152 74 99 153 174
 HEX 00A19B EB8B23 42C4DD 71984A 6399AE


 Download Fonts


Montserrat has a wide array of font weights available and is our most commonly used font for headers. Adelle Sans is a secondary header option and has much tighter tracking than Montserrat.


Body Copy

Open Sans is Nvoicepay's primary font for body copy. Like Montserrat, there are many line weights available, making it a very adaptable font to use. If Open Sans is unavailable, Arial and Helvetica can be used as substitutes.


Powerpoint Presentations

In order to maintain consistency across different operating systems, Calibri is the only font we use for our Powerpoint presentations. Calbiri is a universal Microsoft font and using it guarantees that all of our presentations perform the same.


Line Height

Line height (leading) is the space between each line of text and should adjusted so type is easy to read. For our collateral, a common font size/leading pairing is 10pt font size, 15.5pt leading. Make sure to incorporate appropriate padding in between titles and body copy, and between type and other elements like photos and icons.



The settings in the panel above are our ideal configuration when justifying text. Hyphenation is generally avoided but can be used sparingly as needed to balance copy. When setting type, avoid creating noticeable gaps and distracting negative spaces.



Powerpoint Template

 Download Template    Download NVP Discovery Deck


Our PowerPoint decks have a clean, minimal feel that utilizes white space with supporting instances of our brand colors. We avoid overloading slides with too much information to prevent confusion and clutter. Every slide should have a clear purpose. 


Powerpoint Specs

We use a 16:9 dimension format. Calibri is the only font we use for our presentation decks. Other brand fonts may appear as part of baked-in graphics, but all live font should be exclusively Calibri.

Font Sizing: Slide titles are 26pt, Headers are 20-23pt, and general copy is 15-19pt. Font sizing should not go below 14pt unless its supplemental information like our footer. Think about your audience, if your presentation is meant to be read by a room full of people, fonts should be larger to promote legibility.

Font Color: We generally use charcoal gray (#646464), we also use a medium gray for subheaders (#898989). Our NVP blue may also be used for headers and subheaders, but not for large blocks of copy. NVP green can be used for icons and individual words for emphasis, but due to low legibility, should not be used for blocks of text.

Version Control: Using version control helps guarantee our must current decks are the ones in circulation. If a presentation is not meant for the public, it should be labeled as "Confidential".



Email Imagery

When including imagery within our email campaigns, we use a landscape banner with the dimensions of 600px by 200px. We aim to keep our file sizes between 30-50kb. Many email providers look negatively on emails over 100kb, so we keep our imagery sizes low to allow for the rest of the email content.


The imagery can vary widely because they are tailored for the custom events they promote.


Microsoft Teams

The images below are approved for use as backgrounds in Microsoft Teams.

 Download Images




Webinar Format

Our webinars adhere to the following format: title slide, disclaimer, polling question instructions, speaker introductions, content, Q&A, conclusion/next steps. Below is an example of a title slide and instructions for attendees to ask us questions.


We prepare circular headshots for our speakers on a gray background for consistency.


When we use charts or statistics from other sources, we often rebuild them to improve legibility and reflect our branding. We always provide citations either next to the graphic or within the footer.


We use polling software to poll attendees at various points during our webinars and wrap up with Q&A. At the conclusion of webinars we encourage a follow up survey and provide relevant links.


White papers


White papers


We create our own white papers and rebrand partner materials.


We utilize the useful information from our blog articles by laying them out as a PDFs.


Case Studies


Customer Success Stories: 1 page, high-level

Key Elements: 

Headline 10-20 words
Company Profile 30-40 words
Pull Quote Headshot (if available), Name & Title
Snapshot info Industry, ERP/DMS, locations, annual payment volume ($), annual revenue, AP Staff
Body Copy 140-150 words. Should rely heavily on customer quotes - narrative style. Challenges, solution, results.
Key Results 2-3 key numbers/statistics to showcase at the bottom of the right-hand column


Customer Case Studies: 2 page, in-depth


Key Elements:

Headline 10-20 words
Snapshot Info Industry, ERP/DMS, locations, annual payment volume ($), annual revenue, AP Staff
Body copy 450-500 words. Should rely heavily on customer quotes - narrative style. Identify 2 pull quotes. Challenges, solution, results.
3 key challenges Numbers/statistics preferred
3 key results Numbers/statistics preferred