Our Mission

Our Why

We believe in the power of simplicity. Our software requires very little effort to implement, and enables AP teams to approve and pay invoices electronically from anywhere. Nvoicepay's supplier network and support team take care of the rest.

Our Mission

To transform the complex and expensive effort of paying suppliers into an efficient, automated flow.

Our Values

Honesty, accountability, transparency, and respect are the cornerstones of Nvoicepay—buyers and suppliers trust us to simplify payments and provide exceptional service. Through our team, customers, and community, we succeed together.

Pay It Forward

People: We focus on the people behind the monitors. We aim to serve our customers and teammates with respect, acceptance, positive and direct communication, inclusion, and professionalism.

Attitude: Positivity is essential to a great workplace—we always assume the best and promote a supportive environment. Our company’s growth is enhanced by the belief that we prosper together.

You: You are a leader at Nvoicepay. Every person and every position is vital to our success. We dedicate our resources to our team’s professional and personal growth.

Integrity: Honesty, reliability, and respect are cornerstones of our business. We mirror these values across our team by encouraging accountability.

Teamwork: Collaboration is the foundation of our success. Seek opportunities, embrace change, and show appreciation for each other.

Forward: We drive our business forward. By challenging yourself and sharing success, you make a difference to our team, our customers, and our community.

Brand Voice, Tone, and Attributes

Our Voice

What we say and how we say it matters. Expressing the Nvoicepay brand is about knowing and consistently utilizing our messaging.

  • Our voice is steadfast and dependable; it’s who we are.
  • Our tone varies by situation. 
  • Our brand attributes define us.

Our Brand Attributes

  • Secure
    • We move billions of dollars through our payment network and we hold more security and insurance than a bank. Our words and our tone always need to convey this.
    • We are: Professional, Knowledgeable, Credible, Trustworthy 
    • We’re not: Casual, Silly, Sassy, Flippant 
  • Transparent
    • We strongly believe in being transparent in everything we do and it starts with how we talk about ourselves and what we do.
    • We are: Honest, Straightforward, Ethical, Visible, Responsive
    • We’re not: Opaque, Hidden
  • Easy to use
    • We know that good software is easy to use, yet still robust enough to meet the customer’s unique needs.
    • We are: Simple, Intuitive, Uncomplicated, Flexible
    • We’re not: Basic, Limited, Complex, Condescending 
  • Disruptive
    • We are disrupting an antiquated process and taking businesses paperless. But we are still in the business of other people’s money and they need to feel secure in what we do and how we do it.
    • We are: Confident, Cutting-edge, Energetic
    • We’re not:  Revolutionary, Radical, Provocative, Risk-taking

This is Nvoicepay’s core. This is our personality. Apply the correct adjective when the situation warrants. 

Brand Messaging

Nvoicepay is a rapidly growing financial technology (fintech) company. We use technology to empower accounts payable departments.

Please note, updated messaging is in development and will be available soon.

Download our Brand and Messaging PowerPoint for more insight. The messaging portion starts on slide 11.

We believe that technology should be approachable and easy to use. As such, our language reflects this: our language is approachable and easy to understand.

Our Audiences

To our customers and suppliers: We’re a friendly and knowledgeable expert. A trusted partner dedicated to their success. We’re always willing to help.

To our partners: We’re a trusted and reliable strategic business partner dedicated to the success of our joint customers.

To the industry: We’re a fintech company disrupting the status quo and delivering the greatest bottom-line results in the industry.

When you speak or write on behalf of Nvoicepay, keep our brand attributes and audience in mind. 

Personas and Buyer Insights

Click here to download the Buyer Persona 2018 workshop document.

Click here to download the Nvoicepay Persona 2018 workshop document.

Key Notes

When Nvoicepay markets to prospective customers, we focus on five themes that define our software. These are ranked by importance to our buyers, as of a 2018 buyer persona study.

Theme 1: Increase efficiency, even in complex conditions.

  • Buyer Persona Expectations
    • Priority initiative: We are always making investments to improve efficiency.
    • Perceived barriers: We have other, more pressing priorities.
  • Nvoicepay Delivers
    • Our job makes your job simple. We mimic your approval process online, mirroring your rules, thresholds, exceptions, and workflows.
    • Our system works with any ERP and we consolidate all payment types into one process, across multiple accounts, banks, and reporting hierarchies. Even for cross-border payments.
    • Nvoicepay eliminates dependency on paper checks and handles all payments and all remittances.

Theme 2: Reduce errors and data burdens.

  • Buyer Persona Expectations
    • Priority initiative: Our growth has made it too hard to handle payments manually.
    • Decision criteria: How well does your technology integrate with our ERP system?
  • Nvoicepay Delivers
    • Use the ERP systems you want without worrying about data integration, storage, and management.
    • Nvoicepay not only collects supplier data but validates it; as it changes (e.g., contact info, bank accounts, payment type) we make updates in real time, 24/7. When any supplier in our network makes changes, we update all customer accounts to reflect the correct information automatically.
    • Our ongoing monitoring removes manual ERP updating and integration issues and reduces the opportunity for error.

Theme 3: Pays attention to your suppliers, less work for you.

  • Buyer Persona Expectations
    • Priority initiative: Our suppliers are demanding quicker, easier payments.
    • Success factors: Paying more quickly and on time will improve our relationships with suppliers.
    • Decision criteria: How much help will you provide signing up suppliers.
  • Nvoicepay Delivers
    • Your suppliers want more options, more speed, and more attention. Nvoicepay shoulders the load on your behalf, managing the onboarding and enrollment of ALL of your suppliers (not just a percentage from the top) through ongoing outreach via phone, email, paper mail, and more.
    • Instead of compromising your supplier relationship by imposing restrictions, we improve that relationship by providing options: choice of data formats, remittance formats, and, most importantly, payment types by credit card, ACH, international payment, and even checks.
    • All payments and processing go through us, accelerating payments while reducing your AP workload. Through outreach and options, we get a greater proportion of suppliers off checks and into the payment programs you prefer.

Theme 4: Low risk, high rewards.

  • Buyer Persona Expectations
    • Perceived barriers: We have other, more pressing priorities. 
    • Decision criteria: Is electronic payment a core competency or one of many services you offer?
  • Nvoicepay Delivers
    • Proceed with confidence. AP payments is Nvoicepay's exclusive focus, so everything we do is designed to make payments easier and more efficient.
    • There are no intimidating commitments: our contracts are at-will, month-to-month (and we still earn 99.7 percent customer retention).
    • Implementation typically only takes hours of our customers' time, and the platform is so simple that most people can be trained within an hour. Through efficiencies and cost reduction, Nvoicepay more than pays for itself.

Theme 5: We stand behind our work with a results guarantee.

  • Buyer Persona Expectations
    • Priority initiative: We can see that we'd experience significant cost savings.
    • Success factor: This program will pay for itself and even turn a profit (drive benefits).
  • Nvoicepay Delivers
    • Nvoicepay removes the ambiguity. When you enroll with us, we give you a precise estimate of your anticipated results, and the amount we'll guarantee. Because our experience gives us confidence, we can confidently guarantee your rebate.


Problems Nvoicepay Solves

Click here to download the 2019 copy of AP problems that Nvoicepay solves.

The above download is a living document. It highlights several problems that Nvoicepay has identified of our customers, their root causes, and the impact. These include:

  • Risk, fraud, and compliance
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Inefficiency and the time-consuming process of handling exceptions
  • Managing growth without adding headcount
  • Securely managing payments and supplier data
  • Multiple, diverse, and ever-changing requirements for cross-border payments
  • Working on legacy processes, multiple workflows, or even a lack of a process
  • Meeting supplier demands
  • Decentralized AP processes


Nvoicepay History

Nvoicepay was founded in 2009--during the recession--by Karla Friede (marketing and finance), Tana Law (sales), and Shaun McAravey (technology and engineering).

10 years ago, no one talked about B2B payments. Our founders developed a solution with the goal of doing away with cumbersome and expensive manual accounts payables processes. They replaced it with a simple and efficient product that gives companies visibility and traceability into all their payments.

Nvoicepay was originally a product name under Zevez Payments. When we re-branded, we used the product name as our company name to help customer understanding. We began in the automotive vertical, partnering with CDK for our product, AP Assist. Five years later, we launched AP Gateway to branch into all verticals.

In 2019, we were acquired by FLEETCOR--the 14th-largest company in the payment world. We joined a team of AP-automation businesses; Comdata (acquired in 2014) and Cambridge (2017).

By 2020, we will have processed $50B in payments to 350,000 suppliers across 170 countries, and in 140 currencies.